Corona Community Veterinary Hospital Files - 'Your New Kitten' Congratulations on your new kitten! A house with a frisky kitten is a fun house indeed. There's nothing quite like watching your new family member discover their surroundings, full of wonder and mischief! We at Corona Community Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing new kitten owners with valuable tools and information to ensure a long healthy life ahead.Drop Off Exam Questionnaire out completely when dropping your pet off for an exam.file/36585/Drop Off Exam QuestionnaireFinancial Policy, print and sign our financial policy before your visit to help save timefile/43241/Financial PolicyNew Client Registration Form, print and fill out this form prior to your first visit at our hospital. It can be a real time saver!file/47238/New Client Registration FormNew Kitten Recommendations about caring for your new kitten.file/36543/New Kitten Recommendations