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There's no question about the importance of good dental health for pets. Dental disease can lead to vital organ failure and infection when bacteria enters the bloodstream through damaged oral tissue. To help pet owners get their pets the dental care they need, Corona Community Veterinary Hospital presents a special offer.  Schedule an Appointment today!


This comprehensive special includes:


  • Physical examination by Dr. Ivan 
  • Pre-Anesthetic injection to prepare your pet for inhalant anesthesia
  • Safe inhalant anesthesia
  • State of the art vital signs monitoring and maintenance under anesthesia  
  • Complete ultrasonic dental prophylaxis and polishing
  • Antibiotic injection
  • In patient nursing care
  • Routine Antibiotic to go home**
  • All Medical Waste Disposal


** Occasionally extractions are necessary and additional medication is recommended depending on the severity of your pet's dental condition. We will provide you a written estimate of fees if necessary. 


*To protect their health, pets must have current vaccination status for hospital admittance. 

* A blood test may be required. With our state of the art in house lab equipment, this test can now be done same day as the procedure. Schedule an Appointment at your convenience, Monday through Saturday.

*Pain medication, if necessary,  is available for your pet at an additional charge 

*No age restrictions. Procedures will only be performed on animals examined by the Doctor and cleared for anesthesia. 

*Not to be combined with any other offer