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Spay and Neuter

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Overpopulation and preventable disease are the leading causes of death for pet dogs and cats today.

We at Corona Community Veterinary Hospital believe in making basic preventative services such as surgical sterilization and vaccinations easily attainable and affordable to the general public.  Doing so saves innocent lives and allows us the opportunity to work together with our community and be part of the solution.


Spaying and neutering guidelines and fees:

  • To encourage early sterilization, these flat fees apply to healthy dogs and cats 4 yeas of age and under.
  • Females over 6 months of age have the potential for reproductive conditions such as estrus or pregnancy that may complicate her surgical procedure - additional fees may apply, call our office for details: 951-279-7387
  • Males with retained testicle(s) require a physical exam and doctor quote, because the type of surgery to remove a retained testicle can vary widely. 
  • Animals 5 years and older require a physical exam and doctor quote, because of the higher incidence of complications in geriatric patients.
  • For the health and safety of all of our patients, current vaccination status is required for hospital admittance. DA2PP -$25, Coronavirus -$20, Bordetella -$20, and Rabies -$25are necessary for dogs.  FVRCP -$25and Rabies -$25 are necessary for cats.  PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. CALL TO CONFIRM PRICING.

Dr. Ivan performs surgery Monday through Saturday.

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